pink dog harness

pink dog harness supplier outdoor explosion-proof Oxford cloth adjustable night reflective traction rope wholesale

Here are the key features of a pink dog harness supplier that offers an outdoor, explosion-proof, Oxford cloth, adjustable, night reflective, traction rope product for wholesale

Product Features:

Durability and Safety

  1. Explosion-Proof Oxford Cloth: This typically means the pink dog harness is made from high-quality, durable Oxford cloth that is strong and tear-resistant, ensuring it can handle strong pulls and strains.
  2. Reinforced Stitching: Look for extra stitching at stress points to ensure the harness can withstand high tension.

Comfort and Adjustability

  1. Adjustable Straps: Allows for a custom fit to accommodate dogs of different sizes and shapes, ensuring comfort and preventing escape.
  2. Breathable Padding: The harness should have soft padding to prevent chafing and ensure comfort for the dog during long walks or runs.

Visibility and Safety at Night

  1. Night Reflective: Features such as reflective straps or stitching that glows in the dark to enhance your dog’s visibility during early morning or nighttime walks, improving safety.

Easy to Use and Maintain

  1. Easy to Put On and Take Off: A user-friendly design, often with quick-release buckles, makes it simple to secure and remove the harness.
  2. Machine Washable: The material should be easy to clean and quick to dry, ideally suitable for machine washing.

Additional Features of the pink dog harness

  1. Leash Attachment Points: Look for strong metal D-rings or similar attachments for secure leash connection. Some harnesses offer multiple attachment points for better control.
  2. Handle for Control: Some designs include a handle on the back for quick control of your dog, useful in crowded or potentially dangerous situations.
  3. Color and Style: A fashionable pink color that stands out, with additional aesthetic touches like patterns or branding.
  4. Size Variety: Available in multiple sizes to cater to a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

Packaging and Wholesale Convenience

  1. Bulk Availability: Since it’s sold wholesale, expect availability in large quantities with potential discounts for bulk purchases.
  2. Product Consistency: Each harness in the bulk order should be consistent in quality and size specifications.

Ideal Usage

  • Outdoor Activities: Well-suited for outdoor use, from casual walks to more adventurous hikes.
  • Training and Behavior Control: Useful for training dogs not to pull and for better control in various situations.

proudct details:

Country of OriginChina
Item NumberJJZ240520H05
CategoryDog harnesses
Item Weight8.6 ounces
Item SizeXS/S/M/L/XL
Item ColorPink, Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Orange
Specific Uses for ProductOutdoor/Indoor
Age Range DescriptionAll Life Stages
Target Audience KeywordBig Dogs, Medium Dogs, Small Dogs
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